2018 Canada
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2018-06-08 14:49:10 UTC
Just as Monaco was always going to be RedBulls stomping ground, Circuit Gilles should be Merc's, it suits their car and engine compromise. It's a power circuit. But a few things to note; Merc don't have an engine upgrade and Ferrari does. Also in the last few years Ferrari have taken Maccas mantle of relentlessly bringing upgrades that work. Remember China, a Merc track yet Ferrari were faster than Merc. The HyperSoft and UltraSoft are *not* the Merc's favourite compounds as a matter of fact they really struggle on the HyperSoft! And, don't discount RedBull, any slight hick-up, SC's, tyres, etc and they will be there to pounce. There's a lot of Tifosi in Canada so the Ferrari fans will be out in force.

While not a street circuit, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve like Albert Park is not a permanent circuit so same, usual caveats apply.


Don't forget this track is Lewis land, he will be very hard to beat.

Don't forget the "Wall Of Champions".

Overtaking. I noticed someone said that there is overtaking in Canada, hmmm, it is possible but it is difficult and requires skill and opportunity !!! So not an overtaking festival.

We got a nice little taste of the HyperSoft in Monaco now we'll get a serious test, this is gunna be very bloody interesting again!

A couple of scenarios worth considering are will the HyperSoft last a full lap at full song? Nobody knows exactly how the HyperSoft will perform in Canada. Will the UltraSoft be fast enough to get through Q2? Pole position is not paramount.

Demanding track. Brakes! and Fuel! also Traction, Aero, mechanical grip for slow corners.

Strategy will possibly be the most interesting so far this year. Pit stops? Most probably two, one and three possible but slower, the latter unlikely and reserved for problems.

Safety Cars? Yep, they are a familiar site in Canada which favours RedBull.

If you can run all that ramble through a strainer you'll get a good idea of what to look for in free practice.


A couple of comments from other threads:

Brendon Hartley. Perhaps I'm biased towards Anzac drivers but I reckon this article is a fair summary:

Max Verstappen. John McEvoy is a twat, Max should have ignored the question although his pointed but obviously humourous reply was funny as confirmed by Stoffel's reaction. FOM should revoke McEvoy's press pass. On another note, in another forum it was pointed out that Max's contract will have performance clauses and he is undoutedly outside those clauses at this time (raise eyebrows). *Extremely* unlikely to be invoked, but ....
2018-06-08 20:04:52 UTC
I wouldn't have thought they'd use the Hypers in Canada. How many pit stops are expected if the race stays dry?