José Dolhem and Didier Pironi
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Sir Tim
2011-05-25 22:44:48 UTC
Interesting piece by Joe Saward (who is on the Cote d'Azur lucky


I don't remember Dolhem at all but apparently he drove for Surtees in
1974 (2 x DNQ. Qualified for US GP but withdrew after Helmut Koinigg's
fatal crash).

Pironi I most certainly remember if only for the fact that he
disobeyed Ferrari team orders to beat Villeneuve at San Marino in
1982. Gilles, who was killed a few weeks later, never spoke to him

Both Dolhem and Pironi were killed, Dolhem in an air crash, Pironi in
a power boat and they are buried together.

Saward alludes to the fact that the pair were both cousins and half
brothers - this came about because they had the same father and their
mothers were sisters. Strange but true!
Henry Birkin, Bt.
Yousuf Khan
2011-05-27 18:03:52 UTC
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