FI saying they have correlation problem.
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2018-04-14 00:48:28 UTC

I think that the Ferrari, Honda and Renault PUs have made great strides in
power output. Combined with Mercedes concentrating on reliability rather
than more power, thinking that they still had the upper hand, means that the
two Mercedes customer teams (FI and Williams) are now having to race on
chassis merit rather than the large power advantage they've had up until

Sadly it seems that both FI and Williams have become complacent due to their
up-until-now power advantage and have neglected their chassis. (Of course
money or the lack thereof also plays a role.) I feel sorry for Sergey
Sirotkin. He's a talented driver and engineer who's waited a while now to
get his shot at F1 and he's stuck in a car that's slower than the Saubers.

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2018-04-14 01:40:19 UTC
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