Sky Sports F1 red button f**k up again (Dutch football)
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2018-04-29 13:17:28 UTC
Another Sky Sports F1 channel multi-screen red button f**k up again

(Dutch football is on this time)

Contact Virgin/Sky etc if you like the multiscreen service too - each race they keep making promises over a fix but nearly every race they again provide the wrong feed.
2018-05-01 16:59:23 UTC

From Virgin trouble-shooter service;

"We've reported this to Sky and they are aware of the issues with their Red Button services. 

From Sky trouble-shooter service;

"I've attempted to resolve these issues, with no success. It cannot be tested until the start of the race. Can I politely suggest that Sky checks the feed are correct, themselves, off air at the start of each race to prevent our viewing being spoilt. I'll be back after the next race to report back!"

From Sky Viewer Relations;

"Thanks for your email with regards to F1 and the Red Button. I can confirm that this is currently receiving our attention and a reply will be forwarded shortly."

(Unofficially over the phone Virgin have claimed that `too many' people press the Red Button at the start of a race - the multiscreen is only available a few minutes before the Parade Lap. They say their system handles it ok but the Sky system gets overloaded with requests - causing it to malfunction and then provide the wrong feed to both Sky and Virgin. Virgin are adamant it is Sky who are at fault anyway - and to be fair in the responses above Sky seem to accept that)