Strategists and strategies
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2017-05-17 18:08:15 UTC
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James Allen's usual post-race analysis is interesting reading after such an engrossing race.


He says there were 3 possibilities whilst the VSC was out
1) Vettel pits under VSC
2) Vettel and Hamilton both pit under VSC
3) Hamilton pits under VSC

(1) and (2) would be advantage Vettel.

Vettel wanted to pit under VSC and recommended this to the team, but they overruled him.

Big own goal for Ferrari.

Saward explains the mystery of the missing time thusly: "This was not magic at all, just genius and came from the very sound logic that a pit stop when a VSC is ending is a great idea because there is the possibility to travel faster over the same piece of track as your rival has done when the VSC is still in operation. "

Saward also picked up on the Sauber team's astute tactics that got Wherlien into the points.

Sauber's chief of strategy is Ruth Buscombe who was behind a couple of early season strong performances by Haas last year.
2017-05-17 19:00:14 UTC
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Lol, mystery? There was no mystery nor missing time, just a couple of
people a bit slow on the uptake.